Upcoming Events & Classes

Vision Board Workshop

January 13, 2019

Reiki Level 1

February 2, 2019


QiGong: Moving Meditation

Session 1: Jan. 23rd, 30th and Feb. 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
Session 2: March 13th, 20th, 27th and April 3rd, 10th 17th
Note: There is no class on Wednesday, March 6th

Explore Meditation & Mindfulness

Information Session: Tuesday, January 15th / 7-8:30 PM
Classes: Tuesdays, January 22nd - March 12th / 8-9:30 PM
All Day Retreat: Saturday, March 2nd / 9:30 AM-4:30 PM


Divorce & Separation: Finding Strength & Resilience in Uncertain Times

Wednesdays, February 6-27th / 7-8:30 PM



Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga sessions provide physical and mental benefits. (2) Yoga sessions include gentle movement and poses designed to: improve your balance, strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility (3), reduce stress, and clear your mind.

The entire practice has been demonstrated to reduce the body’s overall inflammatory responses. (4,5)  We work with individuals or small groups to address your specific trauma, physical or emotional conditions.



Yoga for Mental Health Professionals

A free class for Mental Health Professionals to connect, take care of themselves, and support one another. Classes will consist of 60 mins of yin yoga practice followed by time to network, exchange business cards, or just connect with one another. 

This class is being offered monthly for free as a way to support our local community of mental health care providers. Donations are not expected, but are welcome.  ALL donations will only be used for class expenses. 



Yoga & Mindfulness for Children and Teen

This 40-minute class will teach the fundamentals of developing a healthy mind-body connection. Children will learn increased balance, flexibility, and strength, along with a variety of techniques to calm and quiet the mind.

These classes will focus on movement, breath, and improving overall well-being. Additional information can be found at: http://thinkhappylivehealthy.com/yoga-2/



Yoga Nidra

Practitioners at EKOE have been trained in The Institute of Restorative Institute’s iRest™ protocol, originally developed by Dr. Richard Miller.

iRest™ is a form of meditative practice that helps “alleviate stress, help us sleep better, and heal unresolved issues and traumas. It can also allow us recognize an underlying peace of mind that is always present within us.” (iRest, 2018)



Kids Yoga

Young children can benefit from the many healing effects of yoga. (1) Individually, children gain increased self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-regulation, while also practicing compassion and respect with each other in a safe space. Classes provide opportunities for children to become curious of their bodies, play with breathing, and have fun while imitating animals and dancing to music. 



Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

A transformative 8-week course that offers simple, powerful methods for improving our quality of life, strengthening our ability to manage stress, illness, and chronic pain, and increasing our balance and joy. 

This renowned, evidence-based program is set in a supportive environment that includes guided instruction in a wide variety of mindfulness practices (including meditation, gentle movement, and informal tools for daily life), group learning and discussions, and home assignments designed to help participants integrate mindfulness into their lives.   

For additional information, the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center (the birthplace of MBSR) offers more details regarding the MBSR program and its history.



Nutrition Lectures

An educated client is key to optimal wellness. Our nutrition program is rooted in science and the body’s innate intelligence. Lectures will provide and cover:

  • Detailed descriptions of threats to optimal systems interactions

  • Explanations to common nutrition-related questions

  • Updates on the latest wellness and nutrition-related research

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