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Vision Board: Create the Life You Want


Corinne Copolla Krill, M.A.


$40 / per person

Included are all the tools & supplies you will need (glue sticks, magazines, scissors, posterboard, etc.). Feel free to bring additional magazines or images/words that you may want to use.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Use Visualization as a Tool to Support your Dreams

  • Connect and Listen to your Heart

  • Identify & Create your vision

  • Get Clarity on Living Your Best Life

We all have dreams & hopes for the future. The resolution is made: “This will be the year I live my best life ever.” How are you planning to get there? You wouldn’t take a trip to an unknown destination without a roadmap. Why do we choose to do that with our life? A Vision Board helps to direct energies and thoughts in a way that help to focus intentions and goals in order to bring forth your best life. What do you want to manifest for 2019?